Friday, August 14, 2009

Pre B'Day Fun

I get to do it all over again Saturday!!! How cool is that to get a mini B'Day tonite(unbeknownst) to me, due to a technicality, and do it for real on Saturday. My daughter and son-in-law A.K.A. Spotlight Entertainment, put on a Karaoke gig for 3 hours which is usually closer to 4 every Thursday night , cos' we all know it takes a libation or 2 to get rollin'. Well turns out they got a Woodstock Anniversary party to do..Aug.15th..'69-'09, 40 years man, where were you? "We must be in heaven man". Getting side tracked huh, anyhow they're booked and I'm not so they did a mini tonite and knowin' most everybody it was a nice touch ya know, nothing weird ,just the Happy Birthday Daddyo and a couple extra Budlights. Works for me, not one that needs alot of hoopla, ya know what I mean? I've got like a 6 cd set of Woodstock I've had since I was a substantially younger man, sounds like there could be a happening in the back yard my friends!! But hey, back to the Karaoke tonite. There was from Doris Day to Janis Joplin... yes , it's true. Most if not all of the musical talent around here would be the wifey and daughter. Carla my wife made a living singing for many years, still sings her you know what off just because she loves it. Rhonda, the oldest takes after her mom and Theresa who we affectionately call Tree has a really nice voice but you cant make her believe it so it aint happenin'!!! That brings me to me, I dont sing alot, now and then, though I do enjoy it when I get passed the aww shucks I sucks part. Mess around doing Dylan, Blackfoot, Canned Heat, lately Ricky Skaggs, Jimmy Buffet(sorry no Margaritaville). The one song that I do the least but is my absolute favorite and people actually ask me to do is Imagine. I mean you know when you are "right" for lack of a better word, but thats when I want to sing it, I'm all into it and it's like a pleasure being up there. Love the song, always will. I like some of what John did, some not so much music wise, I do know the man didnt deserve his awful fate... who knows where he could have taken those who wished to go..Imagine

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here I Go

Let me be the first to welcome me to the blogging thing, comes a time when a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. I'm feeling a little better knowing I'm actually not the last ol' dinosaur to finally "get it", my granddaughter Anna Grace doesn't have a blog yet, she's only three months old though, does that count?, or does she? Well I'm really looking forward to having some fun with this, share some laughs, thoughts. Maybe we can all just be ourselves and the world can live as one....Imagine...