Thursday, October 8, 2009

John Winston Lennon

Man, can you hardly believe today is the 65th anniversary of Johns' birth year? Wonder what he'd be up to, hard to say I suppose, obviously didn't know the man but I've got to believe with alot of what's going on around our wonderful world now and for awhile now that he would have something to say either musically, in his art and poems or the activist that he was surely wouldn't have remained silent. For my money the man was senselessly taken from this life, as it would be for anyone no matter who they are to be murdered....strange as it is, when John was asked in an interview how he thought he might die, he reply was.."I'll probably get popped off by some looney", one month after his 40th birthday no less. I didn't and don't get into all the songs he did, I have my favorites, most everyone's probably is Imagine and the one he said he wrote for every woman in the world..Woman.. really a nice song to me, it showed the side of him after he got over his self. Well I really don't mean to turn this into a history lesson, just a few tidbits if you really nice quote of John's is probably a good way to close out my ramblings . "Love is a promise,Love is a souvenier, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.." IMAGINE....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Somebody tell me it's really not October as of this very minute!!! Though I suppose a pretty good hint is that I've been picking up "winter squash" at the store last couple of trips. Can't speak for all the folks down here in Florida or the south in general, but I dont seem to, no.. I dont pay much attention to seasons. Just off the top of my head some of the most important "seasons" here are Lobster season, Snook season, Hurricane season and now the whole dang place is " in season" 'cos the snowbirds are getting here already, ahh yes my friends, just another day in paradise. This time of the year really is welcomed as far as I'm concerned because a little respite from some of summers heat does feel good. Just about the perfect good, for there'll be no Snow!! It's not happening yet, though we did have two days last week we could turn the "air" off. Looking like El Nino is keeping the temps. up for a bit yet, talking mid 90's this week and for Oct. thats alittle unusual.... no I'm not getting into the Global warming thing, thats a matter of opinion as far as I'm concerned. Anyhow, I did it again!, came home from a beer and tea run with what? a Turbin squash, ayyy yie yie!. Another indication that the fall of the year is arriving is one of the many Yogisms'...." It's sure getting late early around here". Yeah, sunset is around 7:25 , boo for that, but on the upside is all ya'lls birds are coming our way and that is pretty cool. I'm a late birder I suppose, no not bloomer, but thanks to my "nature girl" wife Carla Jean who got me back in touch so to speak with the great things nature has to offer us everyday I've really enjoyed some truely beautiful and wonderful moments as well as funny and a little scary too. Seems as though alot of the funny and scary have come at my expense but thats ok, if I can bring a little laughter.. little hell!. Thank you my dear for all the wonderful things you do. Her latest adventure if you will was last night getting a mini-shoot of the Monarch Butterfly caterpiller she's been protecting since it's inception. It took until about 4a.m. this morning to get the changes that poor little worm went through to get all wrapped up in a beautiful green cocoon with gold dots, Imagine. Guess thats another one of those sure fire things that Butterflys do every "season ". Not to mention the Screech Owls doing their weird at three in the morning thing that I had already punked out and missed.. ohhh man, just another day.